Creating community through new Jewish voices

Souls in Song

Zach leads an inclusive spiritual sing-out that creates meaning through the power of song. Zach will join your community for an evening of music, leading nigunim that uplift, delight, and heal. In the style of a Hasidic tish, seated in circles by candle light, every voice is heard.

About Zach

       With over 7 million hits on YouTube for his “Subway Sax Battle,” Zach has performed with John Zorn, Frank London, Michael Alpert, Joey Weisenberg, and Bobby McFerrin. He performs internationally with Zion80, a 10-piece Jewish Afrobeat band inspired by the music of Shlomo Carlebach, and his folk sextet, Night Tree, has toured internationally and has released two albums produced by Seamus Egan of SOLAS. He has been on the faculty at the Brandeis Institute of Music and Art, Laguardia Arts High School in Manhattan, and teaches at Jewish music festivals worldwide. Zach is the musical director of Kahal B’raira, a humanistic Jewish congregation in Cambridge. He received his Masters of Music from the New England Conservatory in Boston.

“More than anything else,

Zach is pioneering a new sound:

one that is deeply rooted

in the traditions of our ancestors,

yet simultaneously forward-facing with a look towards a new generation.

- Aaron, KlezKanada


“The singing was transcendent. I’ve sung music from all over
the world, but have always felt like something was missing.
I have now found the music

that is mine.”

- Nina, Shir Tikvah



     Nigunim are wordless melodies from the Hasidic tradition that carry a sense of community, meaning, and spiritual elevation. Some nigunim are centuries old, composed by the Jewish sages, while others are newly written for our generation. All ages and voices are welcome, regardless of their experience.


Modeh Ani, released April 2019

Featuring Michael Alpert, Frank London, Deborah Strauss, Richie Barshay, Mat Muntz, Utsav Lal and many more!


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Photography by Stan Eichner, Douglass Guernsey, Leah Netsky and Joni Lohr

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